Create an everlasting memory by celebrating the life of your loved one at sea.

An Attended Memorial Service aboard the Por Vida allows you to gather and celebrate the life of your loved one as they are laid to rest at sea. Our goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible by customizing each memorial service and providing you with as much compassion and support as possible.

The Process

.Upon boarding the boat, the captain and crew will be introduced and a brief tour of the boat & safety precautions will take place.

.You can bluetooth your own music and bring your own food & beverage aboard. Bottled water is provided.

.The Captain will then set out to sea. Specific locations where you would like the scattering to take place can be requested. (Locations may have price increase depending on distance)

.There, the motors will be turned off, and while the boat is at rest, you can proceed with your desired memorial service.

.Your loved one’s cremated remains are placed in a wicker basket lined with Ti leaves and covered with flower pedals. The captain will gently and respectfully scatter your loved one’s ashes by tipping the basket over the ocean. You are able to perform the scattering yourself or use different techniques such as biodegradable urns.

.Flowers are provided for the basket arrangement, and each person receives one flower to put in the ocean; you are welcome to bring your own in the case of wanting a higher quantity or specific flowers. (Flowers must be real)

.Whether you have a clergy aboard, wish to play your own music, reflect on special memories, or simply sit in silence, the captain will ensure that your requests are met to the best of his/her ability. The captain can accommodate you if a thoughtful disposition or bible passage is requested. The captain has a professional grade camera aboard and is at your service to capture a group photo.

.Upon the ashes being scattered and having time to reflect, the boat will circle around the sea burial site three times in respectful recognition of your loved one before heading back into shore.

.The Captain will document the exact Global Position System (GPS) coordinates where the disposition took place. You will be provided with an Official Scattering at Sea certificate and wallet card that both state the GPS coordinates. This allows you to re-visit your loved ones Sea Burial site in the future or use the coordinates to create a special keepsake such as jewelry.

.The Official Scattering at Sea certificate and wallet card are provided  onboard the Por Vida.

.Charter time- 2 Hours with a maximum of 6 passengers.

Please see our page “Cremation Information” to obtain the necessary documentation to scatter at sea.

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“Must say we had a magical memorial for our parents. My sister and I booked a early morning cruise with Kailyn and Capt Kirk to put our parents ashes out to sea. We cruised out to the area in front of Ave C in Redondo Beach and placed them gently into the water with flowers sprinkled all around. We picked this spot because it is right in front of my sister house and on Mother’s Day she sat on the wall by her house and felt good knowing that all was well. Kailyn had coffee, bagels and flowers for us when we arrived. Very sweet and loving. Captain Kirk was very good at running the boat without too many waves. Kirk suggested we look for dolphins. And oh my goodness we found them!!!!!!! A huge pod surrounded the boat and you could almost touch them. Such a memory for both of us and thank you for being with us on that day! ”

– Karyen & Michelle