The ocean is our lifestyle, and we want to share it with you.

Our family passion and love for the sea lives on through Pacific Ocean Charters, a marketing company who showcases the best charter boats along the California coast. Por Vida, meaning “For Life” in Spanish, conveys our promise to you.

We are dedicated to you, and to ensuring you create memories on the ocean that you will cherish…. For Life.

Growing up on the Por Vida instilled the desire to share the ocean with people who are seeking to experience it. We are committed to connecting people to boats with captains who share the same love and admiration for the ocean. From environmental tours, sunset cruises, photo shoots and memorials at sea, our boats offer a unique  boutique experience.

A charter boat business is only as good as its captains and boats. That’s why we only hire the best. Our captains are licensed and experienced watermen who have dedicated countless hours navigating the Southern California waters. Our captains ensure that you’re comfortable, safe, and most importantly, enjoying yourself

If you own a vessel and feel you would be a good fit for our fleet, please Contact Us!

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