The Dockside Farewell service is an unattended Captains Service but it allows family and friends to escort their loves one’s cremated remains to the boat’s dock just before it sets out to sea.

This is the perfect service for those who are not able to board boats or who get seasick yet wish to be with their loved-one until the very last moment. Although this service is unattended, it gives loved ones the opportunity to say their goodbyes just before the vessel sets out to sea. Service will take place within the Santa Monica Bay area.

Dockside Farewells allow for max 6 guests to be on the dock for 15 mins and say their final goodbyes.
No family or friends will be present for the scattering.
Dockside Farewells are $375.00.




Escort your loved one’s cremated remains to our boat’s dock just before it sets out to sea. You are welcome to board the Por Vida, say a prayer, take photos and remember your loved one as you wish. Time allocated for this service cannot exceed 15 minutes.


Our captains will respectfully scatter your loved one’s cremated remains at sea. Sea burial site GPS coordinates are logged for the Official Scattering at Sea certificate.


Official Scattering at Sea certificates are received via mail 1-2 weeks after your loved one’s service. Each certificate states your loved one’s name, date of sea burial and their sea burial site coordinates.