The Dockside Farewell service is an unattended Captains Service but it allows family and friends to escort their loves one’s cremated remains to the boat’s dock just before it sets out to sea.

This is the perfect service for those who are not able to board boats or who get seasick yet wish to be with their loved-one until the very last moment.

Although this service is unattended, it gives loved ones the opportunity to say their goodbyes just before the vessel sets out to sea. Service will take place within the Santa Monica Bay area.

Dockside Farewells allow for max 6 guests to be on the dock for 20 mins and say their final goodbyes. No family or friends will be present for the scattering. Dockside Farewells are $300.



Contact us to book your service.

View our cremation information

Fill out the required documents
Sea Scattering Authorization form and Burial Permit VS9

Select your flowers for the service


You will be provided directions and instruction to the dock.

You will then be treated by the Captain.

You are welcome to say a prayer and or final goodbye before the Captain sets off to sea.


The Captain will set out to sea to the location of your choice in the Santa Monica Bay area.
(Some locations may be subject to a distance charge)

See a list of popular locations


Upon reaching the destination the motors will be turned off, your loved ones cremated remains are placed in a basket lined with Ti leaves, covered with flower pedals and gently scattered by tipping the basket.

View our flower choices.

The Captain will say a prayer or words of your choosing during the burial.


The Captain will log the coordinates.

You will be provided with GPS coordinates of your loved one and you will receive an official Scattering At Sea certificate and wallet card in the mail.