Here for you, through all waves of life.

Coastline Memorial Service

Offered Exclusively by Coastal Funeral Center

Pacific Ocean Charters is committed to honoring lives, providing peace, and ensuring every loved one finds their perfect final resting place at sea.

Scattering at Sea is a fitting tribute and farewell to a loved one. We offer several different Memorial at Sea options to ensure you have the perfect service that instills healing and closure.

Please see our page “Cremation Information” to obtain the necessary documentation to scatter at sea and how to safely ship urns.

Poems & Prayers that can be recited by your captain upon your request;

Alone i will not be,
My comfort will come from the sea.
The stillness of calm waves will gently drift by,
I will be one with the sea.
When the sun sets on the ocean blue,
Remember me as I will always remember you.
As the sun rises…go live life full as can be,
Apart… you and me… but at peace, for I am free.
-Capt. Chad Theesfeld

My life is ended at peace with the sea.
The Lord has called me home and I am free to go peacefully.
Don’t mourn my passing as I am now in the presence of God,
His bright love is abundant and his promises are real.
I will wait here for you here dear ones in
Jesus’s arms and watch over you with him until you also come home.
Be comforted loved ones.
“I shall go the way of the open sea, To the Lands before you came,
And the cool ocean breezes shall blow from me,
The memory of your name”


Pacific Ocean Charters is fully licensed and insured. State of California required Cremated Remains Disposer Licenses on file.

CRD 1012
CRD 1026

“Must say we had a magical memorial for our parents. My sister and I booked a early morning cruise with Kailyn and Capt Kirk to put our parents ashes out to sea. We cruised out to the area in front of Ave C in Redondo Beach and placed them gently into the water with flowers sprinkled all around. We picked this spot because it is right in front of my sister house and on Mother’s Day she sat on the wall by her house and felt good knowing that all was well. Kailyn had coffee, bagels and flowers for us when we arrived. Very sweet and loving. Captain Kirk was very good at running the boat without too many waves. Kirk suggested we look for dolphins. And oh my goodness we found them!!!!!!! A huge pod surrounded the boat and you could almost touch them. Such a memory for both of us and thank you for being with us on that day! ”

– Karyen & Michelle