Our Captain’s Service allows family members who are unable to board a boat, no longer live by the ocean, or are looking for our most economical option, an opportunity to have their loved ones’ cremated remains respectfully laid to rest at sea. Our Captain’s Service is attended by our loving staff.
Family and friends are not present.
Captain’s Service price: $300.



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Fill out: Sea Scattering Authorization form

Obtain: Scattering at Sea Permit VS9


Our captains will respectfully scatter your loved one’s cremated remains at sea. Sea burial site GPS coordinates are logged for the Official Scattering at Sea certificate.


Official Scattering at Sea certificates are received via mail 1-2 weeks after your loved one’s service. Each certificate states your loved one’s name, date of sea burial and their sea burial site coordinates.

Captain Kirk and Captain Konnor will care for your loved one’s cremated remains during their final voyage to be laid to rest at sea. Both captains share a deep love and appreciation for the ocean and believe in its ability to soothe the soul and provide peace while navigating the difficulties of grief. Captain Kirk and Captain Konnor have grown up making memories on the Pacific Ocean and operate with love and compassion at the root of everything they do.


All cremated remains are handled with the utmost care and respect and are scattered within 14 days of the date received. Our staff is properly licensed through the Cremation Funeral Bureau (l1012 & 1026). Scatterings will take place within the Santa Monica Bay area. Cremated remains are never intermingled unless family wishes to have loved ones scattered together. Specific location requests, quicker turnaround times, and additional service detail requests may result in higher prices.