Private Charter Testimonials

“Pacific Ocean Charters is such an amazing experience I highly recommend them. My husband and I took our 3 kids, ages 4 to 11, on a charter and we all had a wonderful time. Pacific Ocean Charters went above and beyond to ensure my children and I were comfortable and relaxed and we will definitely be using them again!”
Shannon Hons

We used Pacific Ocean Charters for an afternoon cruise around the Santa Monica Bay and had a fabulous time.  It was as if we were on vacation seeing our home, the South Bay, from a different perspective.

Captain Kirk found us a pod of dolphins that numbered in the hundreds.  And we were lucky to have a clear evening and witnessed the SpaceX rocket launch.  What a great surprise.


By far the best boat experience I have ever had. The crew is beyond accommodating and is very well-versed in the go to spots on the water. Because they are locals they always make sure every experience is action packed with dolphins swimming alongside the boat close enough for you to touch, sunsets and wale watching accompanied by the best ocean music.

Beyond anything else this charter is a one of a kind classy experience that I recommend for any couple, family or group of friends looking for a great time and a true South Bay experience. You will step off this boat feeling full of blessings without a doubt. Enjoy the cruise!


We chartered a boat to go for a local cruise hoping to see whales and dolphins and they delivered! Captain Kirk was awesome! I think he might double as a DJ because his music selection was on point! Very professional operation from when we called to make our reservation with Kailyn and right up thru the day of the trip.

We’re already looking at chartering a boat again for a cruise soon and thinking about reserving a spot for their holiday harbor cruises next Christmas.


Attended Memorial Testimonials

Must say we had a magical memorial for our parents.  My sister and I booked an early morning cruise with Kailyn and Captain Kirk to put our parent’s ashes out to sea. We cruised out to the area in front of Ave C in Redondo Beach and placed them gently into the water with flowers sprinkled all around.  We picked this spot because it is right in front of my sister house and on Mother’s Day she sat on the wall by her house and felt good knowing that all was well.
Kailyn had coffee, bagels and flowers for us when we arrived.  Very sweet and loving.  Captain Kirk was very good at running the boat without too many waves.  Kirk suggested we look for dolphins.  And oh, my goodness we found them!!!!!!!  A huge pod surrounded the boat and you could almost touch them.  Such a memory for both of us and thank you for being with us on that day!



Thank you so much to you and “Captain Kirk” for a wonderful morning.  My mom is so pleased with the way my brother was laid to rest, and more importantly she is at peace and doing much better than I expected.  We’re so happy with the way everything went, and are so grateful to you for all your help and support during this difficult time.



Thank you so very much to you and your brother Kirk. You made a tough situation so much better. today at the sea scattering.  I thank you with all my heart for your ability to bring healing in closure for John, Scott and me. It was beautiful. A true memory where I felt so full in my heart. The beautiful boat, the special touches of Grandma’s candy, the flowers, the basket, the poem, the taking us toward Palos Verdes, the dolphins and sea gulls and seals. It was just the best. You made it magical. Thank you both for a feeling of such peace in my heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Was very pleased with the Dockside Farewell service to honor Joseph. It did give us the opportunity to say our good-byes. You were great! Loved the poem read. Received the certificate today, thank you. Will definitely refer Pacific Ocean Charters!

Thank you.


Greetings good people…I would like to share our blessed time on the Por Vida to release our beloved mother’s ashes into the ocean in the Redondo area. We spent many days at the beach, in Redondo as a family when we were children, so many wonderful memories.  Kailyn and her brother were very accommodating, offered a sweet prayer and assisted us at this time in our lives.

The moments in time that were captured by Kailyn’s camera will be forever remembered in our hearts.  I recommend bringing your own music, prayers, thoughts and ready yourself for an emotional release, as this is what I experienced. All the flowers we put in the ocean lined up and looked as if to head for shore! There were also 3 seagulls flying overhead, as our mother had the three of us. May you stay blessed as you open your hearts to these moments in time that we as people find ourselves in!  We recommend the Por Vida’s services…which means “For Life” …God Bless You All.


Coastline Memorial Service Testimonials

I got to visit my Mom today.  She was there, just off of Pt. Vicente, in one of her absolute favorite places.  That lighthouse is in so many of our family portraits, so many of our memories of walks along the cliff, and now it is where she will be for eternity.  I am SO grateful to Pacific Ocean Charters for the gift of her burial at sea; for the gift of getting to always visit my Mom in one of her favorite places. 

We lost my mother last summer to cancer.  The thought of putting her in the ground or an enclosed urn just didn’t fit the person she was.  She needed to be in the light, she needed to be free.  Pacific Ocean Charters gave us the perfect option, the perfect remembrance.  The personal attention and care given to my mother as we said our last goodbyes from the cliff side gave us closure.  She was buried at sea under a personalized flag, in a basket with her favorite flowers. Kailyn was there with us that morning, talking us through every step of my mother’s last journey.  Kailyn was in constant communication with the boat captain and kept us apprised of every step.  We were even provided a personalized photo album and video of the trip from the harbor to the point. 

No detail was left out.  The level of care, compassion and respect given to my mother and my family in those darkest of days provided solace.  Pacific Ocean Charters provided impeccable service.  Thank you for the forever gift.



Thank you so much! You made yesterday extra special for my grandmother. The day was perfect and each simple element was both thoughtful and heartfelt. Thank you and your family for making a usually sad day filled with heartache and tears, into to a wonderfully peaceful and tranquil experience, which allowed us to say goodbye, celebrate and honor my uncle with the dignity he deserved. It was such a pleasure to work with you! The pictures are also wonderful.


Our Mom was scattered off the Coast of Abalone Cove on Saturday, July 11th!

It was a beautiful morning on the cliffs of Abalone Cove as the boat came into view of her children, daughter in laws, grandsons and a few family friends.
My sister was on the boat to assist Captain Kirk and Deckhand Clayton with the lowering of the ashes into the ocean surrounded by a group of dolphins!
My mom was guided by 4 dolphins who accompanied her out to sea!  It was a magical experience…

I can’t thank Kailyn Provin, Captain Kirk Provin and Deckhand Clayton enough for a beautiful memorial service for our mom!
Kailyn was excellent at communicating the daily changes with COVID, compassionate and detailed oriented!
(Even great with family drama)

Thank you for an unforgettable day!


Pacific Ocean Charters is the one of the most incredible companies I have ever worked with for such an important and delicate event in our lives. The level of professionalism intertwined with the feeling of them being part of your family is what Pacific Ocean Charters has to offer.

They provided a scattering at sea for my late dad, and I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible service. They bring personalized service with location options for your loved ones scattering, and providing documentation and plaque options of the coordinates of the drop location. They have a fantastic photographer as well to capture all the moments and process of connecting your loved one back to the ocean. Kaitlyn is an absolute gem to work with on all aspects, from organizing, communication, and taking care of the hard part of a service. They make it a seamless process to make it happen, from working with the mortuary directly and transferring remains as easy as possible. Captain Kirk handles the scattering with class and truly makes the moment special with the canon send off. And all of this incredible amazing service and process wouldn’t have been captured without the talent of Olivia and her photography. Capturing moments you truly can’t recreate, yet want to remember forever.

The quality of service that Pacific Ocean Charters offers is exceptional. They truly do provide the perfect departing method and service for any ocean lover, waterman, surfer, or nature lover. This team together offers an incomparable service and I can’t thank them enough for creating a perfect full circle and closure moment for my family. We choose Pacific Ocean Charters because we didn’t want to have to go to a cemetery, or service at a church, but wanted to celebrate my dad at the beach, with sun on our skin, and sand between the toes, just as my dad would want. It was more a happy and perfect moment rather than sad, thanks to Pacific Ocean Charters. An added plus is that with such an amazing service they offer, it is a fraction of the cost of regular standard cemetery services, but provided a much more amazing experience.

Thank you again Pacific Ocean Charters for once again making the ocean home.


Kailyn, and all of the crew at Pacific Ocean Charters, were wonderful in helping me and my family navigate the details planning for a coastline memorial and having our parent’s ashes scattered in the ocean. After sharing our vision of what our parents wanted, Pacific Ocean Charters made it happen. It was a beautiful memorial in celebration our parents’ eternal love. Thank you, Pacific Ocean Charters, for making it a beautiful experience and memorable event. Blessings!

Thank you again for everything. So glad I was able to connect with Pacific Ocean Charters. It was a very nice service and we appreciate your help to make it special.

I received the plaque yesterday. Thank you!! Very precious for our family and will be placed on family’s home mantle. God bless you and your brother always!




Hi Kailyn,

Just wanting to thank you and the crew of the Por Vida for the beautiful Service and setting for my wife. Point Vicente a lovely place to visit and talk to her.

Thank you and forever grateful.

Mr. Macias

Hi Kailyn,

I am very happy about the scattering at sea service you did for my husband. It was so nice, private, touching and organized. We really appreciate it and I would recommend to everyone. Thank you to you and your brother Captain Kirk.