One of the many misconceptions is that a scattering can be done anywhere and by anyone. However, a death certificate and burial permit are required indicating the final place of disposition.

We are here to assist you throughout this process and to ensure that you can focus on this important time with your loved ones. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to call: (310) 386-4991

Below are shipping instructions and required documentation mandated by the state that must be completed entirely for a scattering to take place.

Required Documentation:
Sea Scattering Authorization Form
Burial Permit VS9 PDF

Your first step is to contact a Pacific Ocean Charter representative and chose the Sea Memorial that best suits you. We are able to make arrangements for pick up, or have urns shipped directly to us.

-Deaths within California; Application and Permit for Disposition of Human Remains (VS9) obtained by funeral home, crematory, or local health department. They will include appropriate copies when you receive cremated remains.

-Deaths outside of California; Cremation documentation/transit permit will be issued by your local County Health Department, and/or clean photocopy of death certificate.

If you need to order copies of a death certificate after the time of death has passed, visit
California Department of Public Health.

Shipping Information

It is advised to console with your local funeral home and crematories who are aware of the regulations and procedures regarding the handling and shipping of cremated remains for scattering purposes. Typically they have a set fee to facilitate and complete the required documentation, prepare the cremated remains in relation to USPS regulations, and deliver them to the post office for mailing. If you choose to mail the cremated remains yourself, you must do the following:
USPS Shipping Cremated Remains

PRIOR to shipping, place the completed Sea Scattering Authorization Form and the completed Burial Permit VS9 PDF in the same package as the cremated remains but in separate envelopes.

Mail using Registered Mail or Express Mail to:

Pacific Ocean Charters
4526 Newton St. Torrance CA 90505