Visit The Site Of A Loved One

The Sea Burial Site visit allows family and friends to re-visit their loved ones’ exact GPS coordinates of their sea burial site. Many families chose to make an annual trip where they are given the opportunity to reminisce and feel re-connected to their loved one.

Price-Call for Quote
(Dependent on Sea Burial Site location)

The Process
  • The Captain will set out to sea to the exact GPS coordinates of the original scattering.
  • There, the motors will be turned off, and while the vessel is at rest, the family can proceed with their desired tribute. The captain can accommodate the family if a thoughtful disposition or bible passage is requested. Flowers are provided. The captain has a professional grade camera aboard and is at your service to capture a group photo.
  • Upon the flowers being laid in the water and having time to reflect, the vessel will circle around the sea burial site two times as respectful recognition of the deceased, before heading back into shore.
  • Average charter time 1 1/2 hours long.
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